Winter Is Coming ! Are You Ready ?


Oh yeah ! A Game of Thrones fan. But, in truth, yes ! winter is coming and we all need to be geared up for that, don’t you think ? Winter means cold breeze, blankets, pullovers, a cup of hot green bean coffee, laptop, soft music and you (lovely ! isn’t it ?). But winter also means dry skin, chapped lips, cracked heels (NO NO NO I don’t even want to imagine that). Winters are beautiful, so are We and we try hard to stay that way whole winter but for some or the other reason, we miss something here and there. It is so difficult to fit everything into 24 hours right from work to home to family time to self care to parties to workouts so, obviously, self care gets lagged behind sometimes. And then one day we get up to rashed red skin or cracked heels. Nightmare !

The last thing we want to do to our skin is Neglect. Technically, skin being the largest organ of our body, is also the one which is visible. This itself explains the importance of skin care routine in our daily life. So not only are we taking care of our skin, we are also looking beautiful at the same time ! Its like taking down two birds with one stone ! Interesting !

Of course, this is not all the information you ever need in your skin care journey but this is a really great start.

To set a skin care routine, you first need to understand your skin type whether its normal, dry, oily or mixed.

Winters mostly make our skin dry but those with oily skin need less moisturization than those with dry skin.

First and foremost, begin with understanding your skin type, after that, get to the next important steps :

Clean Your Skin Twice A Day


Once in the morning and once at night when you are back from whole day chores, pollution and dirt. It is very important in order for your skin to breathe. The more the oxygen circulation, the more young and shiny your skin will look.

Remove Make-up

Ladies please, remember, always remove make-up before hitting the bed. It is very-very essential. I can’t stress enough on the importance of keeping your skin clean and free of make-up at night before sleep or your skin will die of asphyxiation (a big word but true). You don’t want your skin to look lifeless, do you ? People tend to just use facewash with the belief that it will clean all the makeup but it’s NOT true. You need to use a makeup cleanser to make sure you get rid of every bit of it, all clean, no traces. Period. (More on Natural Make-up Removers in our next blog)

Keep Skin Moisturized

There are so many moisturizers available in the market. Look for one that most suits your skin. It shouldn’t make your skin dry and keep it moisturized for long. Depending on the skin, dry skin needs more moisturization but make it a habit of keeping skin moisturized throughout the day, even before going to bed. This will keep your skin from going flaky, prevent white marks and stay supple.


Atleast twice a week. Make natural DIY exfoliators to get a smooth beautiful looking skin. It is essential to rub off dead skin cells even in the winters. (More on natural DIY exfoliators in our next blog)

Shower With Lukewarm Water

No matter how soothing hot showers are during winters, they rip off our skin of the natural essential oils leading to flaky, stretchy, rough, dry skin. Cold showers are totally out of question. So go for lukewarm water and you will feel the difference.

Shower Gel 

What you use as body-wash plays a role in how your skin will be post-shower. Sometimes body-washes tend to make your skin super-dry. Stay away from them. Find a body-wash that has essential oils, natural ingredients, less or no chemicals and is your skin-friendly.

Water – Your Skin’s Best Friend

Drink plenty and plenty of water. It is winter and you may not be tempted to drink so much water but trust me, the more water you drink, the more hydrated and moisturized your skin will be.

This brings us to the end of our skin care regimen. Hope you all enjoy winters to its fullest with a beautiful skin that is cared for.

Stay Healthy, Happy & Beautiful !


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