What To Feed Your Hair ?


As creepy as ‘feeding your hair’ sounds, yes ! your hair need food. Although a dead protein but it still works to nourish itself. There is no shortage of hair care products but it is important to include proper food in your diet in order to strengthen and lengthen your hair.

Long, shiny, strong, dream-come-true hair by those beautiful looking products on the shopping mall shelf – looks so promising that it’s a human tendency to easily get lured by such presentation.

What we lack in understanding is that all the processes are internal. It’s all linked to what we consume on a daily basis. Unless and until you are strong internally, how would you be strong externally ?

So we come back to the question – what to feed your hair ?

Read on.


Spinach, a green leafy vegetable that can be consumed in three different forms – stir fry, salad, juice. Best consumed on empty stomach in juice form. See that easy !

Any green leafy vegetable in juice, salad or stir fry form is good for hair growth and strengthening as long as you are religiously following it. You might want to consider broccoli and kale as well. I know sometimes life gets difficult but you gotta do what you gotta do for that lustrousness.


Okay so if you are an eggetarian, you might want to load up on eggs in your breakfast. Eggs contain biotin which is essential for hair and nails growth. Biotin keeps hair strong, soft and thick. So eggs, be it in any form, poached, scrambled or omelet, is a must for healthy tresses.

Lean Meat

Best for non-vegetarians, there are plenty of options available but only go for lean meat. This not only gives your hair protein it needs but also keeps you healthy. Chicken and turkey are good options if you want to consider lean meat for healthy hair.

Load Yourself With Vitamin C

Yup ! Vitamin C helps build collagen, has ample antioxidant properties, protects hair follicles from free radicals damage and helps body absorb more iron which is very important in hair growth and strength. Strawberry, for example, is the best source of vitamin C. Just include a cup of delicious strawberries in your daily diet and you are good for the day.

Ohhh Fish !

Salmon, oysters, mackerel, sardines – are all full of omega fatty acids, zinc and biotin which is essential for hair growth, health and strength. Zinc also supports hair repair cycle. These fishes not only help against inflammation, they also give you gorgeous, shiny hair.

Sweet Potato

Ohh that sweet delicious taste is yumm ! Never thought sweet potatoes could be so healthy at the same time be so delicious. Consume it in any form; sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A, C and iron which is essential for scalp health, cell regeneration and hair growth. It’s like killing two birds with one arrow – sweet potatoes are also good for skin, bone health, vision and to enhance immunity.

Add Colours To Your Diet

Keep your diet as colourful as you can. Add bell peppers – yellow, green, red to your diet, in any form, they also taste good as salads because of the crunchiness they retain. Carrots, tomatoes, another colour – just keep adding. These not only benefit hair health but will also give you other benefits that you didn’t intend to eat these colours for.


Load yourself with seeds – flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds – these are all rich in nutrients, vitamins and omega 3s which are directly linked to hair growth.


Walnuts, almonds, peanuts contain biotin, omega 3s, copper, magnesium and other important vitamins essential for hair health. Include these in your diet and you will find your hair soft, smooth, prevent pre-mature graying and scalp dryness.

And the last one is my most favorite !

Dark Chocolate

This, you are going to try for sure, right ? Dark chocolate contains iron, copper, zinc – all important for cell renewal and regrowth. It increases oxygen and blood flow to scalp resulting in healthier locks.

Food is important for hair as your body needs to replace every falling strand every day. How would you regrow if you are not having enough nutrition in your diet? Just keep a watch if you find your mane thinning, this might be the time you want to consider your diet and start eating right.

Stay Healthy, Happy & Beautiful !


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